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Discover the Creative Comadre Muse Boxes, your ultimate creative companion for self-discovery and personal growth. Each seasonally themed Muse Box is carefully curated with exclusive art supplies, designed by Crystal Domi, to inspire and guide your art journaling journey. Elevate your creativity, nurture your mental well-being, and embrace your authentic self. Pre-order now to start your transformative journey with our limited edition Muse Boxes!

Muse Boxes

Unlock Your Creative Magic with Our Muse Boxes

Hola, Creative Comadres! I'm Crystal Domi, founder of Creative Comadre Healing Arts Studio. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I often felt overwhelmed and disconnected from my creativity. That’s why I created the Muse Box – more than just a box of art supplies, it's a sanctuary for exploring your inner world and expressing yourself freely.

Each Muse Box is curated with beautiful papers and thoughtful prompts to inspire your creative journey. Daily use transformed my life, helping me build a consistent art journaling practice that strengthened my self-awareness, self-compassion, and stress management. I've learned to celebrate achievements, forgive mistakes, and connect with my authentic self.

Art heals. The Muse Box provides everything you need to make daily art journaling a transformative ritual. Join me and discover the magic within you. Let's embrace our creativity, heal our hearts, and grow together.

Ready to transform your life with the power of art? Order your Muse Box today and start your journey towards self-discovery and healing.

  • Creative Comadre, Amanda

    "The Muse Box is a total game-changer! Since I started using it, I just feel better. I feel more at ease. The thoughtful prompts and curated goodies make it so easy to dive in and create. It's helped me become more self-aware, compassionate with myself and more at peace. Seriously, if you're a busy mom looking to reconnect with your creativity, you need this! 🌟✨"

  • Creative Comadre, Kalece

    "Crystal curates the most beautiful Muse Boxes. You can tell she really takes her time to include a variety of colors and items. They really are inspiring!"

  • Creative Comadre, Genesis

    "For so long, I didn't consider myself creative or artsy because of judgement, shame, and criticism I received as a kid. I am now reconciling that with myself, and I did through Crystal’s space. I felt free. I was in the zone. I let go of my need to be perfect. Crystal was a wonderful host and gave tips along the way. Do yourself a (creative) service and take her workshop!"