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Creative Comadre

Creative Comadre Collective Membership

Creative Comadre Collective Membership

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Welcome to the Creative Comadre Collective, a vibrant community dedicated to empowering women through creativity, connection, and personal growth. Our Premium Membership offers exclusive resources and support to help you unlock your full creative potential and transform your life.

Why Join the Creative Comadre Collective?

Joining the Creative Comadre Collective is a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and creative expression. Here's how our membership can change your life:

1. Self-Discovery and Awareness Engage in art journaling, workshops, and monthly challenges to gain deeper self-awareness and embrace your authentic self.

2. Healing and Emotional Release Use creative expression as a tool for emotional release and mental well-being. Our guided prompts and exercises provide a safe space for healing.

3. Building Self-Compassion and Acceptance Learn to celebrate achievements and forgive mistakes within a supportive community, fostering resilience and self-compassion.

4. Enhancing Creativity and Problem-Solving Boost your imagination and problem-solving skills with our diverse workshops and challenges, enriching both your art and life.

5. Connection and Support Join a network of like-minded women for support, shared experiences, and growth through monthly meetups and community forums.

6. Practical Tools and Resources Access exclusive workshops, downloadable guides, and our Creative Comadre Directory to integrate creative practices into daily life.

Transform Your Life Today

Embrace your creativity, heal your soul, and live authentically. Join the Creative Comadre Collective and start your journey towards a more empowered future.

Monthly Membership

  • Price: $28 per month
  • Benefits: Enjoy all the exclusive perks and resources of our Creative Comadre Collective membership with the flexibility of monthly payments.

Annual Membership

  • Price: $168 per year (50% discount)
  • Benefits: Commit to a full year of creative growth and get six months free! That's just $14 per month when you choose our annual plan. Experience all the benefits of the monthly membership at a significantly reduced rate.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

  • Creative Comadre Directory: Connect with a diverse network of artists, creatives, healers, therapists, and other organizations that can support you on your journey.
  • Early Access: Be the first to know about our Muse Boxes and workshops.
  • Special Creative Comadre Pricing: Receive a 20% discount on all merch.
  • Access to All Workshops and Classes: Explore a rich library of healing arts workshops and classes designed to enhance your skills and fuel your creativity.
  • Monthly Creativity Challenges: Stay inspired with themed challenges that encourage regular creative practice and personal growth.
  • Downloadable Wellness Guides and Printouts: Access exclusive printable designs, collage sheets, coloring pages, and more, all crafted by Crystal Domi.
  • Creative Comadre Muse Circle: Participate in our intimate monthly Zoom meetup for inspiration, support, and connection with like-minded creatives.

By choosing either of these options, you gain access to all these amazing benefits and become part of a vibrant and supportive community.

Join the Creative Comadre Collective today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and creative expression.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to support your creative journey every step of the way.

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